Whether you are starting from scratch or freshening up your dance vocabulary my “no stress” Beginner Foundational course will have you Bellydancing in no time. Gain a well rounded understanding in the Art of Bellydance, it’s basic movements of the spine, hips and shoulders, simple footwork and traveling steps + all the body loving energies that come with it! Dive right in, have fun and let this be the gateway to enjoying a variety of exciting Bellydance Classes! 




  • Correct/Safe Body Posture 
  • 1HR of Basic Bellydance Movement Breakdown 
  • Footwork/Traveling Steps pt 1
  • Footwork/Traveling Steps pt 2 
  • Wake Up, Warm Up, Isolate & Shimmy Drill 



  • Funky Playful Add-On Choreography + Cool Down
  • Body Loving Vibes 1HR Full Class
  • Warm Up, Drills + Choreography 



  • ”Ya Leila Disco" - Hisham Abbas | Choreography

Bellydance Foundations

    • This course is delivered as a digitally based medium in .pdf form with clickable links. 
    • After purchasing please download the .pdf and save it! 
    • All classes in this course are availalbe for download as well once opened with wifi. 
    • All courses include complimentary feed back on submitted practice videos! 

         Have Fun! Learn at your own speed. I am available for questions! 

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