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Hey There!

On Saturday, May 21st, over 10,000 dancers will come together in New York City's most prominent dance event to celebrate over 100 styles and cultures. This year I am THRILLED to not only work behind the scene but to invite my global students and friends to join me to fulfill my dream -- dancing down Broadway on our own JBelly's School of RAQ: Parade Float! Although this event registration is closed for this year, we are seeking donors to help support us in our cause. We will represent Raqs Sharqi and showcase our dances to over 100,000 people on a sparkly, body loving, Palestinian designed Float, and we need your help to fund it all!! 

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe or sending a donation via Venmo! @Janelle-Issis 

$3,500 Goal

In order for us to have a float, costumes, sound, and more we need to raise $3,500... this can seem like a lot right now. But, if we all do our part we will be able to reach this goal and share a weekend of a lifetime after working hard together for 6 Weeks! 



Q: How long is the parade route? 

  • A: 1.5 to 3hr’s (this will depend where we are in the line up) 


​Q: Restrooms along parade route? 

  • A: Yes, there will be porta potties located at group line up and different areas. We will also find the locations that will allow people to come into to use their facility along parade route. There are restrooms along the parade route, as well as the Festival.  (For example. you can hop off the float, run to the potty and possibly have to  job a minute to catch back up to the float if needing to go while during the actual parade). But hopefully we all go prior! 

Q: Can I enjoy rehearsals but not attend the parade day?

  • A: Yes! Please register and enjoy the process with us either online &/or in the studio. If you cannot attend parade day that is ok! We are happy to have you. 

Q: Can I wear my own costume? 

  • A: I would like everyone to be in the selected costumes that the costume committee decides on. There will be more than one option for you to choose from. I am doing my best to keep these under $40. and of course you will be able to keep it! 

Q: I would like to do a mix of Online Classes, Recordings and In-Studio (is that ok?) 

  • A: Absolutely! This program will always be offered via zoom for every session + I will make recordings if you miss/ have a conflict! We will also have specific in-studio sessions. Make sure to stay up to date with DanceParade Emails! I understand that not everyone lives close by and that is ok! Attend and practice as much as possible. All I ask is that you stay committed to being a team player!  






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