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JBelly's School of RAQ





Experience Dance Parade!

Hey There!

On Saturday, May 21st, over 10,000 dancers came together in New York City's most prominent dance event to celebrate over 100 styles and cultures. I was THRILLED to not only work behind the scenes for my 4th year but to invite my global students and friends to join me to fulfill my dream -- dancing down Broadway on our own JBelly's School of RAQ: Parade Float!


Although this event has concluded for 2022 I am excited to prep for 2023 and invite YOU to join us! Registration and further event details will open back up the month February. You do not have to be a NYC local to join us for the 6 Week Experience. 


We are seeking donors to help support us in our cause and dancers from around the world to join us! JBelly's School of RAQ represents Raqs Sharqi and we showcase our dances to over 100,000 people from the ground and on a sparkly, body loving, Palestinian designed Float throughout the parade as well as perform at the Festival on the Main Stage! 

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe in February or sending a donation via Venmo! @Janelle-Issis for 2023! 

Janelle Jalila Issis Palestinian Bellydancer Tetreez Ramalleh Dance Parade Float Belly Dance raqs Sharqi

$3,500 Goal

In order for us to have a float, costumes, sound, and more we need to raise $3,500... this can seem like a lot right now. But, if we all do our part we will be able to reach this goal and share a weekend of a lifetime after working hard together for 6 Weeks!