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July Live Classes

Join classes LIVE In-Studio in New York or Online via Zoom. View the calendar to check a specific date for a drop in class! 

Live Class Break from July 18th - Early September. Stay in touch to learn about upcoming courses, performances, and new programs. 


Check out On-Demand Programs if these lives classes do not fit your schedule. 


Book Now: > Take Class, navigate to the class & view details for each offering. 


Don't forget, I am only a chat away and here to help you find what is best for YOU! 


Need Guidance?

Not sure where to start or what classes might be best for you? Please contact me "Janelle" right here on the site via chat or email! Share your Raqs (dance) desires with me and together we can create the best class schedule to fit your personal needs to reach your goals!

Become a JBelly Jewel Loyalty Member before booking classes to earn rewards. 



Janelle has been a significant part in my recovery from a year of heartbreak and ill health. I am solidly on the road to joy and happiness because of my sense of who I am now. People need to understand that there is more to belly dance than exercise and creative expression, although if it was just that it would still be amazing. Janelle has a special way of delivering this gift of wellness. Can’t wait to continue dancing with you, Ms. Issis!!! 

—  Cynthia 

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