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Sweat Sexy, Shimmy & Sculpt - 7 Day Challenge

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This 7 day sweat sexy challenge will have you working your entire body! Gain confidence, experience the sweat sexy BellydanceBURN Glow-Up, and connect with your body and dancing like never before! You will not need any equipment for this challenge, so it’s perfect to enjoy anywhere, anytime. However, if you would like to use a yoga mat and or pillow for floor work sections and a towel to wipe off that sweet sweat, go for it! It will make the classes more comfortable and keep your knees safe. The challenge consists of 10 Goddess Lessons. 4 - 1HR Classes 2 - 30MIN CLASSES BONUS 15MIN - BUM TONER 5MIN - Hip/Leg Quick Stretch 10MIN - “Feel the BURN Tips!” 2MIN - Safe Bellydance Posture You choose your start date and stick with it!! I encourage you to download the app so that you can check off each day you complete with ease. Start with the quick lesson on Posture, Burn Tips & Bonus Leg Stretch and Shimmy into Day 1! It will challenge you by building muscle strength and endurance all while taping into your captivating beauty. Talk about mental, physical and emotional wellness !!!

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Sweat Sexy, Shimmy & Sculpt - 7 Day Challenge

Sweat Sexy, Shimmy & Sculpt - 7 Day Challenge

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