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Whether it’s your very first time picking up a veil or if you are a seasoned dancer this series of 4 classes will have you soaring like confident magnetic eagle… literally!!  Explore Veil basics, various creative exercises and drills + work on a choreography building upon it each week.


Advancements and modifications offered.


The Veil is more than a prop! It’s the dancers breath, it helps create dynamic pictures and can tell a story, the veil can carry emotion and enhance a dancers quality of movement when treated as an extension to the dancers body!


This series will not only introduce you to the magic of Veil work but you will also reap the benefits of it’s body loving gifts! 


SUGGESTED LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate 


COURSE CONTENT (Each Lesson is 1HR in length) 

SONG: “Faddah” - Hossam Ramzy 

  • Week 1 - Introduction, Malfoof Rhythm, Mejance Entrance Drills & Choreography 
  • Week 2 - Mejance Entrance Drills, New Veil Movements & Choreography 
  • Week 3 - Framing, Accenting the Music, Review Choreography 
  • Week 4 - Review, Performance Skills, Enjoy The Dance 

*Each lesson also includes a set Warm Up, Stretches, Veil Basics, & Cool Down



Bonus Class Performance Video Included

Detailed Class Notes!  

Mejancé & Performance Skills w/ Veil | “Faddah” - Hossam Ramzy

    • This course is delivered as a digitally based medium in .pdf form with clickable links.
    • After purchasing please download the .pdf and save it!
    • All classes in this course are available for download as well once opened with wifi.
    • All courses include complimentary feed back on submitted practice videos! 

         Have Fun! Learn at your own speed. I am available for questions! 


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