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Egyptian Raqs Sharqi Style!!! 


Choreography Song: El Donia El Helwa" - Amr Diab 


 ❥ Let's create magic!!  Raqs Sharqi is a modern style that has grown out of Baladi and other folkloric forms, mixed with some elements of Western dance.


I will teach you the specific qualities of this authentic style and we will move to the sounds of Amr Diab!! Amr Diab is Egyptian singer, composer and actor; acclaimed recording artist and author in most Mediterranean countries. His music is versatile and always enjoyable and has a blend of western and Egyptian rhythms. In this course we will explore the art of Egyptian dance and enjoy Arm Diab's beautiful music!! 


I think it is important to mention that the fusing of western elements was done by the Egyptians themselves which means it is still an authentic Egyptian style! 


SUGGESTED LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate 


COURSE CONTENT (Each Lesson is 1HR in length) 

  • Week 1 - Introduction, Energetic Warm Up, Stretch, Technique Breakdown + Veil Dramatics, Veil Softness and Fluidity, Veil Playfulness 
  • Week 2 - Warm Up, Stretch, Isolations, Technique and Choreography. 
  • Week 3 - Warm Up, Technique, Choreography Section 3 & Review
  • Week 4 - Warm Up, Review, Final Section of Choreography, Enjoy & Perform 



Raqs Sharqi Vocabulary (34 Movements) 

8 Minute Talk on Introduction to Raqs Sharqi 

Bonus Performance Video of Instructor Janelle Issis 


This All-Levels 4 Week Course is for anyone to tap into your own expression. Janelle will lead you through choreography offering modifications and advancements along the way! 


Belly dance is an individual creative expression of the core moves and core concepts and each belly dancer interprets the music in her own unique way. In one sense it could be said that there are as many belly dance styles as there are belly dancers! I say this because during this series of classes, I want you to have fun, let go, feel the music and look like YOU! 

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi "El Donia El Helwa" - Amr Diab

    • This course is delivered as a digitally based medium in .pdf form with clickable links. 
    • After purchasing please download the .pdf and save it!
    • All classes in this course are available for download as well once opened with wifi.
    • All Bellydance courses by Janelle include complimentary feed back on submitted practice videos!

    Have Fun! Learn at your own speed. I am available for questions 

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