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With over 4hrs of private personalized instruction, it’s as if Janelle is in your living room teaching you her signature JBelly Style! Enjoy moving through the course materials at your own speed then tackle the 3 Choreographies and test your JBelly style knowledge! 


SUGGESTED LEVEL:  Beginner to Intermediate


COURSE CONTENT (Over 4HR's of Personalized Instruction) 

  • Introduction 
  • 1HR of JBelly Basics Movement Breakdown 
  • Footwork, Traveling Steps, Transitions pt1 
  • Footwork, Traveling Steps, Transitions pt 2 
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • BellydanceBURN Cardio 
  • JBelly Roll Out Stretch 

- Complimentary feedback on submitted practice videos is available! 



  • Pop Fusion:  "Colors" - Jason Derulo 
  • Mini Drum Jam: “Tabla 1” - Adam Basma 
  • Modern Egyptian: "Nebtedi Menien El Hikaya" - Samer Issa



  • 1HR Sweat Sexy BellydanceBURN 

JBelly at Home Original

    • This course is delivered as a digitally based medium in .pdf form with clickable links.
    • After purchasing please download the .pdf and save it!
    • All classes in this course are available for download as well once opened with wifi.
    • All courses include complimentary feed back on submitted practice videos! 

         Have Fun! Learn at your own speed. I am available for questions! 

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