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Expressive Veil Fusion Course - A duet between the dancer and the Veil! This course focused on technique and creative dynamic veil choreography! 


Choreography Song: "Searching" - Abir

Concept: “The concept behind the lyrics is about understanding life is a journey through how we fall, rise, and learn through it all. A never-ending venture to find peace and harmony.”


 ❥ The veil is more than a prop! It's our breath, it can create dynamic exciting visuals and can tell story! The veil can carry emotion extending past what our limbs can reach if treated as an extension to our body and arms. Let's create magic!!  



4 - 1HR Classes 

1 - 1HR Bonus Veil Workshop Class 

Complimentary Feedback on Submitted Practice Videos 

✿ No prior veil experience is necessary. 


This All-Levels 4 Week Course is for anyone to tap into your own expression. Janelle will lead you through warm ups, techniques, and choreography offering modifications and advancements along the way! 


*Focusing on:  Luxurious Expressive JBelly Fusion Veil Work and Movement. 

*Veil: I recommend using a silk veil or light weight veil. Chiffon can be too heavy for this type of movement. Email Janelleissis@gmail.cmo for assistance. 


Belly dance is an individual creative expression of the core moves and core concepts and each belly dancer interprets the music in her own unique way. In one sense it could be said that there are as many belly dance styles as there are belly dancers! I say this because during this series of classes, I want you to have fun, let go, feel the music and look like YOU! 

Expressive Fusion Veil "Searching" - Abir

    • This course is delivered as a digitally based medium in .pdf form with clickable links.
    • After purchasing please download the .pdf and save it!
    • All classes in this course are available for download as well once opened with wifi.
    • All courses include complimentary feed back on submitted practice videos! 

         Have Fun! Learn at your own speed. I am available for questions! 

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