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  • What is Bellydance?
    Belly dance is a multifaceted form of physical self expression. The dance is also often referred to as "Raqs Sharqi," this is Arabic for “Dance of the East” with it's origins in Egypt! This is a form of dance that Empowers women and men! Belly dance is extremely old and traces of it can be found up to 6,000 years ago. Belly dance is an individually creative expression of the core moves and core concepts and each belly dancer interprets the music in her own unique way. In one sense it could be said that there are as many belly dance styles as there are belly dancers. Movements featured: Shimmies, Vibrations, Percussive Movements, and Fluid Movements of the hips, torso, and chest. It was and is danced when women gather together to socialize. In Egypt, dance has always been part of wedding celebrations, danced socially by people attending parties and professionally by performers who are paid to dance for special occasions. Commonly men also enjoy Belly Dance and it is widely accepted, celebrated and encouraged! There are many different genres within Belly Dance depending on the country and region it came from ranging in Folklore and Classic Styles to more Modern styles. A Few Examples of Different Styles (there are many more) Classic Raqs Sharqi Saidi Cane Dance (folklore) Egyptian Candel Tray Raqs Sharqi Shik Shak Sjok (modern take) Modern Baladi Modern Oriental Egyptian Baladi Drum Solo w/ Live Musician Drum Solo "Duet" Street Sha'abi Veil Dance Raqs Fusion/Modern
  • Is Belly Dance safe for me?
    Absolutely!! Belly Dance is an art form that can be done well into the ages. Depending on the style we choose to enjoy it can be quite relaxing, gentle, and easy on the body.
  • Is bellydance appropriate?
    In its countries of origin, belly dancing is a social dance deemed perfectly appropriate for people of all ages, including children, to do at weddings and other family occasions. Belly dancing can simply be a recreational activity. It instills confidence, discipline and joy and promotes a healthy body image. Janelle teaching many youth on Tour (Link to Videos)
  • What if I am not of Arab decent, can I still bellydance?
    100% YES!!!! I think it’s fantastic that non-arabs are learning belly dance; please respect the culture, the people and learn about the heritage of the art form. As an instructor of Palestinian decent it is my duty to teach my students of the culture, of Egypt!! Bellydance is for everyone. My non-arabs beauties never ever allow anyone to tell you that you are "cultural appropriating" this beautiful art. I don’t throw around the term cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is a deliberate act. It is erasure, claiming something that is yours, that isn’t. Learning, enjoying, teaching and loving this art is NOT cultural appropriation. Personally for me (Janelle) - It becomes problematic when teachers and professionals make money off of bellydance and do not care about the origin; and/or teachers and dancers who have problems with arabs.. having the wrong attitude, or shine away from mentioning the arab aspect of it. I would put the responsibly of educating on the teacher's vs. the students. Instructor's of non-arab decent have a duty to teach their students of the culture and where this beloved dance comes from.
  • Is bellydance hard to learn?
    In my personal opinion anyone can learn how to bellydance and enjoy their perfect bodies in a healthy way! Each and every individual is different at their approach to learning and each dancer has their own individual creative expression, talent, and style to share! I promise to give you the tools to feel successful even if it's your first class. Anything worth does takes times and practice so of courses bellydance will take practice but once you do a few classes many things will start to click and with each class you will grow! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to see what would be best for you to begin with!
  • Am I too old to bellydance?
    NEVER!! Age is only a number - how you feel is what is important. My students rang in age between 5yrs to 87 years old. Each experience a different feeling or benefit from the art. I also have a few lovlies nearing the 90's who enjoy taking some of my classes from a chair. So with that said you are welcome no matter you age or ability. Bellydance ages like fine wine! This dance can be super gentle on the body or vigorous depending on you, your body, your approach. Always pay attention to how you feel, don't do anything that hurts and take your time.
  • Are you available for bookings?
    I would love to create a special show for your event! I am also happy to travel if not in the NYC/NJ area. Please go to the booking tab to share your event date, location and any details /vision with me and let's connect or feel free to inquire right here. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • What are the minimum hrs to book for services?
    Every booking is unique! I tailor each event specific to client needs. Please fill out a booking inquiry with as many details as possible and I will get back to you very soon to continue to discuss options, pricing, and availability. Thank you 🙏🏼
  • Does Janelle offer 1on1 Private Training? (In-Studio or Online)
    YES! I would absolutely love to work with you 1 on 1. I am fairly flexible with dates and time if on zoom. :) please click this link below and review some information on private lessons. My rate is $100/hr for the first lesson and then if you would like to work more regularly, are a JBelly Unlimited Plan Member I can offer you my sliding scale rate. Please reach out to me with... Your Personal Goals: What are you most interested in working on if it's specific: Your Availability (a few dates and times): Your Timezone: I look forward to connecting with you and personalizing lessons tailored to your goals, needs, time frame :) Hugs and Shimmies! J
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