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Chiffon Bellydance Custom JBelly Hip Wrap Scarf with Coin Sequins & Shimmering Palettes + 2 matching coin Bracelets!! Vibrant Colors and Sparkle. The sound is gentle. 


One Size Fits Most

❤︎  This skirt can be doubled wrapped for your tiny dancer &/or once you hit the coins continue to tie slowly to your needed size then create a bow! Fit's XS to L. 



Total Length: 160cm/62.99''

Hang Coin Length: 80cm/ 31.5''

Width:23cm /9.06'' ( With 58 PCS Coins)

Beauty Shaker Hip Skirt + Matching Coin Bracelets

  • If you decide to wash your "Beauty Shaker Skirt" please hand wash simply in the sink with light detergent with cool water. Rinse and allow to airdry by hanging. 

    Make sure to put on and take off with care. The tassles can sometimes get caught together at the end when taking the skirt off. If it gets caught and you pull too fast you may end up breaking the coins off.

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