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This workshop is such a special one!!  You will recieve a PDF filled with extra information, a movement bank and more + the Link to the Full Workshop Video & class performance. 


Song: "Saidi Street" - Michael Beach

Style: Raqs Al Assaya (Cane Dance) Saidi 

Level: Open Level 


✰ Warm Up

✰ History of Raqs Al Assaya 

✰ Saidi Rhythm Breakdown: Dum Tek Dum Dum Tek

✰ Saidi Movment and Qualities 

✰ Choreography 



If you do not have a cane to use that is ok!! You may use a stick from outside, an umbrella, any stick you can find. Make sure it is smooth where you grab it.. Feel free to tape the hand part if the stick is not smooth. Reach out to janelle on how to get a cane or make an at home stick!! 




Raqs Al Assaya "Saidi Street" - Michael Beach

  • You will recive an email after purchasing with your course materials via PDF file. 

    Save this file and download. Your links and futher information will be on this page to enjoy! 

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